4 Steps To Take If Your Event Isn't Growing
January 9, 2023

There’s a constant need to add more attendees, sponsors and attractions to a great conference or tradeshow. Here are a few suggestions to step back—or lean in—and generate a path back toward growth.

Talk (yes, with your mouth) to your attendees

Occasionally, we can forget that events are all about the attendees. Their feedback is invaluable to improving your event overall, so keep up the conversation after your event ends. That can be on the phone, over coffee or online. These in-depth conversations can identify pain points in the event, registration system, speaker topics and much more that you might not hear about in the standard post-event survey.

Gather ideas from other events

As in any industry, you should look far and wide to break through creative walls. In the events industry, you can literally walk into an inspirational experience. Get out there! Attend events both within and outside your industry and see what others do to make their events special. Take notes, photos and video so you can remember how you felt when inspiration struck.

Help attendees invite their network

The best way to reach new attendees could be to use your existing audience as your promoters. Each attendee has professional networks, friend groups and social media: Incentivize them to spread the word! That can take the form of 2-for-1 ticket promotions or discounts to encourage them to bring a friend or colleague, social media promotion encouraging them to share their past experiences, and many other formats.

Expand into your audience's other interests

Event attendees are real people! On top of their careers, they have families, hobbies, favorite Netflix shows, sports teams, and pizza toppings. Are you addressing all these interests at your event? Exploring these topics at your event can open up new opportunities for speaker topics, exhibitors, sponsorship packages and much more.

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