4 Methods For Deeper Data Insights at Your Next Event with PheedLoop SmartSight Analytics!
July 28, 2023

Analyzing the performance of an event is a crucial step in the journey of any event planner striving for success. At PheedLoop, we understand the significance of evaluating an event's success, which is why we offer a comprehensive set of built-in mechanisms designed to assist you in conducting a successful post-event review using our cutting-edge SmartSight Analytics! We recognize the importance of sharing event performance insights with stakeholders, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers who invest their time and resources in your event. SmartSight Analytics provides detailed data that enables you to understand attendee behavior, track session popularity, and measure exhibitor ROI, thus proving that your event is a worthwhile investment.

1. View Session Popularity in the Event App and Virtual Portal

SmartSight Analytics empowers you to identify which sessions were the most popular among your attendees. By tracking pre-registrations and session visits during the event, you can gain valuable insights into the topics and speakers that resonated the most with your audience. This information is essential for planning future events and improving content curation. 

Additionally, SmartSight enables you to delve deeper into session data, allowing you to understand individual attendee interactions. You can see which sessions each attendee visited, how long they spent in each session, and even collect feedback through surveys. These granular insights help you identify patterns and preferences among your audience.

2. View Exhibitor and Sponsor Popularity in the Event App and Virtual Portal

SmartSight Analytics extends its comprehensive tracking capabilities to exhibitors and sponsors. You can now measure the popularity of exhibitor and sponsor profiles, gaining an understanding of which ones attracted the most interest from attendees. This data is invaluable for exhibitors and sponsors as it demonstrates the visibility and impact of their presence at your event.

Furthermore, by monitoring metrics such as exhibitor profile visits and sponsor profile visits, you can identify potential leads and partners for future collaborations. SmartSight allows you to assess how many attendees favorited exhibitor profiles and facilitates communication through metrics like exhibitor messages exchanged.

3. Track Attendee Engagement within Your Event

Understanding attendee engagement is pivotal in evaluating the overall success of your event. SmartSight Analytics provides a holistic view of attendee interactions, enabling you to gauge the level of engagement with various event components.

By tracking the number of private messages exchanged, you can measure the extent of networking and collaboration taking place during the event. This data helps you assess the effectiveness of your event's networking opportunities and identify potential areas for improvement.

Moreover, SmartSight Analytics monitors the engagement levels within sessions, exhibitor profiles, and the event's lobby. This information helps you identify which aspects of your event are resonating most with attendees and guides you in creating more compelling content for future events.

4. Track Attendee Feedback and Gamification

SmartSight Analytics not only tracks attendee engagement but also provides insights into attendee satisfaction through various feedback metrics. By analyzing the number of event feed posts, matchmaking surveys completed, and profile settings updated, you can gauge attendee sentiment and identify areas that require enhancement.

Furthermore, gamification is an increasingly popular aspect of events, and SmartSight Analytics allows you to track gamification code usage. This feature incentivizes attendees to participate actively, fostering a more immersive event experience.


Analyzing an event's performance is a fundamental aspect of event planning, and PheedLoop's SmartSight Analytics provides event organizers with the tools they need to conduct a comprehensive post-event review. The insights offered by SmartSight enable event planners to make data-driven decisions, identify successful strategies, and improve future events.

From session popularity and attendee engagement to exhibitor ROI, SmartSight Analytics offers a wealth of data to help event organizers understand attendee behavior and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, event planners can optimize their events, boost attendee satisfaction, and deliver even more exceptional experiences in the future.

Make the most out of your events with PheedLoop's SmartSight Analytics, and take your event planning to the next level of success!

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