3 Ways to Use Promotions and Discounts within PheedLoop’s Registration System
October 20, 2023

PheedLoop’s Registration system is a powerful tool designed to streamline the attendee registration process for your events. With the latest updates to our registration platform, managing registrations has never been easier. One significant area to explore within our system is the use of promotional codes and discounts to enhance the registration experience.

In this blog post, we will delve into three effective ways to leverage promotions and discounts in PheedLoop's Registration system, helping you create a more appealing and user-friendly registration process for your attendees.

1. Create Promotion Codes to be Used during Registration

One of the standout features of PheedLoop’s Registration system is the ability to create and apply promotion codes. This feature empowers you to offer special discounts, incentives, and promotions to your attendees. Here’s how you can make the most of this functionality:

  • Endless Customization: PheedLoop allows you to create an unlimited number of promotion codes. What’s even more impressive is the level of customization these codes offer. You can set them to provide a percentage discount or a fixed dollar amount off the ticket price.
  • Conditional Application: Tailor your promotion codes to your event's unique needs. You can restrict a code's usage to specific ticket types, ensuring that it only unlocks when a particular ticket is added to the registration. This enables you to create targeted promotions for various attendee groups.
  • Usage Limits: Control the usage of your promotion codes by setting limits on how many times a code can be applied. This allows you to manage your promotions effectively and prevents misuse.
  • Ticket Limits: Additionally, you can specify the number of tickets to which a promotion code can be applied, ensuring that it is used as intended.
  • Direct Promotion Code Links: Simplify the registration process for your attendees by providing direct promotion code links. These links automatically apply the code when clicked, offering a seamless and convenient experience.

2. Ticket Breaks

Ticket breaks are a brilliant way to encourage bulk purchases and offer discounts to attendees buying in larger quantities. Here's how this feature works:

  • Volume Discounts: With ticket breaks, you can set specific thresholds, such as purchasing five or more tickets, to trigger a discounted rate. For instance, if a regular ticket costs $100, buying five or more would result in each ticket being priced at just $85. This approach incentivizes group registrations and increases your event's appeal.

3. Time-Based Tickets

Time-based tickets are a dynamic way to manage pricing and drive early registrations. Here’s how to implement this strategy effectively:

  • Multiple Ticket Types: Create multiple ticket types with different pricing to cater to various stages of your event. For example, you can offer "early bird" rates for those who register well in advance and have higher-priced "last-tier" tickets for those who wait.
  • Scheduled Activation: You have full control over when each ticket type becomes available. Set a specific date and time for ticket types to go live, ensuring that attendees have the opportunity to secure tickets at the best rates.

Download Data and Reports

In addition to these three powerful promotion methods, PheedLoop's Registration system provides robust reporting capabilities. You can easily download reports related to your promotions, enabling you to track the success of your promotional campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve your future events.

Wrap Up 

PheedLoop's Registration system offers a comprehensive set of tools for enhancing your event registration process through promotions and discounts. By creating custom promotion codes, implementing ticket breaks, and offering time-based ticket options, you can optimize your event's pricing strategy, attract more attendees, and drive early registrations. Plus, with detailed reporting, you can measure the effectiveness of your promotions and continually refine your approach for future events. Elevate your event registration experience and boost attendance with these valuable features within PheedLoop's Registration system.

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