3 Ways to Use PheedLoop’s Communications System to Engage Attendees and Stakeholders

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any successful event, and in the realm of on-site and hybrid events, PheedLoop's communication system shines as a reliable and versatile tool to engage attendees and stakeholders. Whether you're looking to convey critical announcements, deliver special messages, issue timely reminders, or prompt individuals to take specific actions, PheedLoop's communication system has you covered. In this comprehensive feature post, we'll delve into three powerful ways to leverage PheedLoop's communication system to engage attendees and stakeholders like never before.

Customize, Pre-schedule, and Send Emails to Attendees and Stakeholders

Customization is key when it comes to delivering impactful messages to your event's participants and stakeholders. With PheedLoop's communication system, you have the power to tailor your emails to perfection. Here's how:

Customize with Tokens

PheedLoop's Tokens feature is your secret weapon for personalization. It allows you to dynamically insert attendee-specific information into your emails, making each communication feel uniquely tailored. Want to include a recipient's name, company, or session schedule in your email? Tokens make it easy.

Imagine an email that starts with a warm greeting, "Hello [First Name]," or one that highlights a specific session relevant to the recipient's interests. With Tokens, you can effortlessly create these personalized experiences, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees and stakeholders.

Pre-schedule with Precision

Timing is everything in event communication. PheedLoop empowers you to pre-schedule your emails, ensuring they reach your audience at the most opportune moments. Whether you want to send a reminder about an upcoming session, promote a special offer, or simply say thank you, you can set the date and time for each email with ease.

By pre-scheduling emails, you can alleviate the stress of last-minute communications and ensure that your messages align perfectly with your event's schedule and objectives.

Track Engagement with Open and Click Rates

Understanding how your emails perform is crucial for refining your communication strategy. PheedLoop's communication system provides detailed insights into your email campaigns, including open and click rates. These metrics allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your messages and make data-driven adjustments for future communications.

By analyzing open rates, you can determine the level of interest generated by your emails, while click rates reveal which calls-to-action are resonating with your audience. Armed with this information, you can continually refine your content to keep attendees and stakeholders engaged.

Enhance Engagement with Graphics, Verbiage, and Buttons

Visual elements can significantly enhance the impact of your emails. PheedLoop enables you to include graphics, eye-catching verbiage, and clickable buttons in your emails. Whether you're showcasing event highlights, promoting a sponsor, or encouraging attendees to take a specific action, these features make your messages more engaging and actionable.

Customize, Pre-schedule, and Send Push Notifications

Emails are just one facet of PheedLoop's versatile communication system. Push notifications are another powerful tool at your disposal, allowing you to engage attendees directly within the Event App and Stakeholder Portals, including Speaker Portals, Exhibitor Portals, Sponsor Portals, and Attendee Portals.

Seamless App and Portal Integration

PheedLoop's communication system seamlessly integrates with the Event App and Stakeholder Portals, ensuring consistent and targeted messaging across all platforms. Whether attendees are exploring the event agenda, exhibitor listings, or speaker bios, you can reach them with timely push notifications.

Pre-schedule Push Notifications for Precision

Just like with emails, PheedLoop allows you to pre-schedule push notifications. This feature ensures that your messages reach attendees and stakeholders at precisely the right moment. Whether it's a last-minute change in the schedule or a reminder about an exclusive networking session, pre-scheduled push notifications keep your audience informed and engaged.

Boost Engagement with Graphics, Verbiage, and Buttons

Visual appeal matters in the digital realm, and PheedLoop enables you to enhance your push notifications with graphics, compelling verbiage, and actionable buttons. Whether you're driving attendees to explore a new session, visit a sponsor's booth, or participate in a live poll, these elements make your push notifications stand out and drive action.

The Power of Dual Communication: Email and Push Notifications

To maximize your reach and impact, consider using both email and push notifications in tandem. Sending a coordinated message through both channels ensures that attendees and stakeholders receive critical information, even if they prefer one communication method over the other. This dual approach ensures that your messages are heard and acted upon.

Targeting and Personalizing Communication for Maximum Impact

In the world of events, one size rarely fits all. Attendees and stakeholders have unique interests, preferences, and roles within your event. To engage them effectively, you need to target and personalize your communication. Here's how PheedLoop's communication system empowers you to do just that:

Target Individuals Based on Tickets and Tags

PheedLoop's ticketing and tagging system allows you to segment your audience with precision. Whether you want to reach VIP ticket holders, first-time attendees, or sponsors, you can create targeted communication lists based on specific criteria. This level of granularity ensures that your messages are highly relevant to each recipient.

By tailoring your communications to different segments, you can:

  • Tailor Content: Craft messages that address the unique needs and interests of each group. For sponsors, you might emphasize branding opportunities, while attendees could receive updates on session highlights.
  • Optimize Timing: Send messages at times that align with each group's schedule and agenda. VIPs might appreciate early access to special content, while general attendees benefit from timely reminders.
  • Maximize Engagement: Increase the likelihood of action by delivering content that speaks directly to each group's objectives. Sponsors might receive tailored sponsorship opportunities, while speakers receive logistical details about their sessions.

Personalize for a Lasting Impression

Beyond targeting, personalization adds a layer of finesse to your communication efforts. PheedLoop's communication system allows you to incorporate personal touches that make attendees and stakeholders feel valued and appreciated.

Consider these personalized touches:

  • Greetings: Address recipients by their names to create a warm and welcoming tone.
  • Session Recommendations: Recommend sessions or exhibitors based on the attendee's previous selections or interests.
  • Acknowledgment: Recognize attendees' achievements or milestones during the event, such as attending a certain number of sessions or visiting specific exhibitor booths.
  • Feedback Requests: Request feedback on their event experience and use this data to enhance future communications.

Wrap Up

In the dynamic landscape of in-person and hybrid events, effective communication is paramount. PheedLoop's communication system equips event organizers with a robust set of tools to engage attendees and stakeholders on multiple fronts. By customizing, pre-scheduling, and personalizing your emails and push notifications, and by targeting individuals based on tickets and tags, you can elevate the attendee and stakeholder experience to new heights.

As you harness the full potential of PheedLoop's communication system, you'll not only enhance engagement but also build lasting relationships with your event's participants and stakeholders. Remember, the success of any event is built on the foundation of meaningful and impactful communication, and with PheedLoop, you have the keys to unlock that success. Start communicating smarter and more effectively today, and watch your event thrive like never before.

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