3 Ways to Capture COVID Screening and Vaccine Proofs Using PheedLoop

In-person events are back and better than ever, and the enthusiasm surrounding their return is palpable. Post-pandemic, people are eager to reconnect, network, and learn face-to-face. While the resurgence of in-person events is a cause for celebration, event organizers must also consider the ongoing need to adhere to specific health and safety requirements. PheedLoop emerges as an essential ally in meeting these demands. Whether it's mandating COVID-19 vaccine proofs or conducting thorough screenings, PheedLoop provides versatile solutions to ensure your events run seamlessly and safely.

Create a Custom On-site Check-in Form using PheedLoop’s Check-in Kiosks

At the forefront of event safety is PheedLoop’s robust Check-in Kiosk feature. This tool empowers organizers to create and customize on-site check-in forms tailored to their event's needs. As attendees arrive, they are prompted to complete a set of questions, including crucial inquiries related to COVID-19 screenings. By integrating a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire directly into the check-in process, event planners can swiftly ascertain the health status of attendees, allowing for proactive measures to be taken if necessary.

Moreover, the real-time data capture capability of the Check-in Kiosk ensures that organizers have instant access to attendee information. This data can be pivotal for making informed decisions during the event. PheedLoop’s Custom Reports feature further enhances the utility of this tool, enabling organizers to compile and analyze the collected data. By seamlessly integrating health-related questions into the check-in process, PheedLoop empowers event planners to prioritize the well-being of attendees without compromising efficiency.

Create File Upload Questions within the Registration System

In the realm of event registration, PheedLoop continues to shine with its File Upload Question feature. As part of the registration process, organizers can seamlessly integrate a requirement for attendees to upload crucial documents, such as vaccine records. This streamlined approach not only ensures that attendees provide necessary documentation but also centralizes the information, reducing administrative burden and the risk of manual errors.

This feature is a testament to PheedLoop’s adaptability, catering to the diverse needs of events. Whether it's vaccine proofs, medical exemptions, or other relevant documents, the File Upload Question feature accommodates various scenarios. By standardizing the process of collecting essential documentation, event planners foster a more organized and efficient registration process, enhancing overall event preparedness.

Assign Custom Forms to Attendees in the Member Portal

PheedLoop's Member Portal emerges as a dynamic tool to engage attendees beyond registration. The personalized Member Portal is a hub for attendees to manage their event experience, whether it's modifying their schedule, purchasing additional tickets, or accessing pertinent event information. This versatile platform also serves as a conduit for pushing out customized questionnaires and forms to attendees, even after they've registered.

Event organizers can leverage the Member Portal to disseminate just-in-time requirements, such as last-minute COVID-19 screening updates. Attendees can conveniently access and complete these forms at their convenience, facilitating a seamless information exchange. The portal's announcement feature adds an extra layer of communication, enabling event planners to send reminders and updates directly to attendees.

Furthermore, the Member Portal’s integrated file upload functionality empowers attendees to submit necessary documents effortlessly. Whether it's updated vaccine records or other critical files, this feature ensures attendees remain compliant with event-specific requirements. By harnessing the Member Portal's capabilities, event organizers can maintain a fluid line of communication and ensure attendees are well-prepared for the event.


In the landscape of post-pandemic event planning, PheedLoop emerges as an indispensable ally for event organizers seeking to seamlessly integrate COVID screening and vaccine proofing protocols. With the Check-in Kiosk's customizable on-site forms, the Registration System's file upload questions, and the Member Portal's dynamic communication capabilities, PheedLoop empowers organizers to navigate the evolving event landscape while prioritizing attendee safety and convenience. As in-person events regain momentum, PheedLoop's innovative features lay a strong foundation for a future where health and event excellence coexist harmoniously.

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