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August 25, 2023
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3 Proven Ways to Run an Engaging Seamless Hybrid Event using PheedLoop’s Virtual Portal and Mobile Event App!

3 Proven Ways to Run an Engaging Seamless Hybrid Event using PheedLoop’s Virtual Portal and Mobile Event App!

The world of events has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, with virtual events during the pandemic and hybrid events seeing a rise and revolutionizing the way people attend and engage with conferences, expos, and gatherings of all kinds. As event planners continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape, technologies like PheedLoop’s Virtual Portal and Mobile Event App have proven to be powerful tools in hosting captivating hybrid events that seamlessly bridge the gap between in-person and virtual audiences. In this feature post, we explore three proven ways these platforms can be harnessed to create truly engaging hybrid events. 

1. PheedLoop’s Virtual Portal is Capable of Streaming Content from On-site Events

When it comes to hybrid events, the challenge has always been to strike a balance between the physical experience enjoyed by onsite attendees and the virtual experience delivered to remote participants. PheedLoop’s Virtual Portal is a game-changer by effortlessly bringing these worlds together. 

Traditionally, event planners organizing in-person events have partnered with local AV companies to ensure the smooth execution of sessions. What sets PheedLoop apart is its remarkable versatility when it comes to streaming content. AV companies can seamlessly integrate their video streams with PheedLoop using a variety of methods. Whether it's through Zoom integration, PheedLoop Meet & Stream, an embeddable video player like platforms like Vimeo or YouTube, or event direct RTMP, PheedLoop accommodates them all. 

This flexibility allows event organizers to concurrently stream content to both their in-person audience and their virtual attendees. The onsite sessions come alive on the screens of virtual participants, ensuring they remain engaged and connected, no matter where they are tuning in from. 

2. PheedLoop Go! - Bringing Live Streaming to Attendees’ Fingertips 

The dynamic capabilities of PheedLoop don’t stop at the Virtual Portal. The PheedLoop Go! Mobile event app further elevates the hybrid event experience by extending live streaming functionality directly to attendees’ smartphones and tablets. This synchronization between the Virtual Portal and the mobile app ensures that attendees have the freedom to engage with the event on their own terms. 

As mentioned earlier, the streaming content that seamlessly reaches the Virtual Portal audience can also be accessed via the PheedLoop Go! App. This feature is particularly beneficial for virtual attendees who wish to remain connected while on the move. Whether they are traveling or simply need to step away from their desk, participants can effortlessly continue to access the live content and stay involved in the event’s narrative. 

Additionally, this real-time streaming capability becomes a valuable asset for in-person attendees as well. Suppose an onsite participant needs to temporarily step away from a session to attend to other commitments. In that case, the PheedLoop Go! App ensures they don’t miss out on any critical content, enabling a more seamless and personalized experience. 

3. PheedLoop’s Event App and Virtual Portal Foster Unprecedented Audience Interaction 

A true hallmark of any successful event lies in its ability to foster meaningful connections and interactions among attendees. PheedLoop’s prowess in this regard is exemplified through the interconnectedness it establishes between the Virtual Portal and the Event App, enabling both virtual and in-person audiences to engage seamlessly. 

Did you know that PheedLoop facilitates not only watching the event but actively participating in it, regardless of physical location? The engagement features shared by both the Virtual Portal and the Event App are a testament to this commitment to holistic attendee interaction. From direct one-on-one messaging to video messaging, group networking, gamification, matchmaking surveys, and even public chat areas such as the lobby, session chats, and exhibitor chats, PheedLoop leaves no stone unturned in creating a vibrant and inclusive event atmosphere. 

What’s even more neat is that the Event Feed serves as a centralized hub for real-time updates, while live Q&A sessions and polls empower participants to have their voices heard, irrespective of their presence mode. This convergence of features ensures that the event’s narrative extends beyond the physical boundaries of the venue, uniting both audiences in a shared experience that transcends geographic limitations. 

Wrap Up

As the event landscape continues to evolve, hybrid events have emerged as a pivotal juncture where innovation and engagement intersect. PheedLoop's Virtual Portal and PheedLoop Go! app offer a dynamic duo of tools that empower event organizers to transcend traditional limitations and curate experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

The trifecta of capabilities presented in this article demonstrates that PheedLoop understands the intricacies of hosting seamless hybrid events. From synchronized content streaming that transcends physical barriers to mobile app integration that empowers attendees on the move, and a suite of engagement features that unite virtual and in-person participants, PheedLoop paves the way for a new era of events.

In harnessing these capabilities, event planners have the opportunity not only to host events but to curate unforgettable journeys that leave lasting impressions. As we navigate the future of events, PheedLoop stands as a beacon of innovation, shaping the way we connect, engage, and experience events in an increasingly interconnected world.

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