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Full Support for Physical, Virtual, and Hybrid Conferences

PheedLoop is an affordable, comprehensive, and deeply integrated platform built for all event formats. It goes beyond the attendee experience, focusing heavily on the event manager.

Automate and manage everything from registration and streaming, to lead scanning, badge printing, video meetings, tasks, and mobile apps in one awesome platform.

A 360° Solution that Combines All Portals, Stakeholders, and Data

PheedLoop is a game changer for events that spend more time juggling data, multiple tools, and spreadsheets and less actually planning events. If you're looking for a true all-in-one affordable platform, this is it.

All attendee experiences are synced, so changing one thing ripples across all apps, portals, sites, documents, and more. Ticket sales, contracts, booth sales, floor plans, badges, abstracts and more are all synced.

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Countless Ways to Engage Attendees, Build Community, and Measure Results

We believe building a community around your events is the future of events. Events must move from point-in-time experiences to ones providing long-term value for attendees, sponsors, and organizers.

Features like real-time presence management and chats, discussion boards, matchmaking, gamification, and unlimited video meetings build lasting communities. Measure dozens of metrics in real-time with SmartSight.

Automation that Takes You From Event Manager to Event Strategist

PheedLoop is designed to help event planners automate and streamline the tedious stuff. That means ensuring your stakeholders are self sufficient, your data is always in sync, and assigned tasks are completed.

Stakeholder portals allow self-management of leads, polls, files, and more. Application portals power abstract submission, booth selection, payments, and more. One change instantly ripples across all your experience portals.

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May 1, 2024

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This eBook contains candid stories and experiences from 15 customers who worked hard to create powerful event experiences. We're grateful for their advice, feedback, and thoughts. The last several months have been incredibly challenging for the events industry, and we're proud to have been able to offer an affordable, transparent, and feature-rich solution for event planners.

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