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Streamlined Systems for Exhibitors to Collect Applicant Details Quickly

PheedLoop has native systems specifically designed to help exhibitors efficiently capture candidate details. Exhibitors have access to lead capture (in-person and virtual) and private portals to manage their booths.

Candidates can upload and manage files both public and private, and share them with select employers and booths. For virtual career fairs, PheedLoop Meet allows group and one-on-one video calls and interviews.

Detailed Analytics and Matchmaking Technology to Run Data-Driven Fairs

SmartSight real-time analytics allows you to provide deep insight to employers about engagement at their booths. Booth traffic, leads, clicks, downloads chats, and so much more!

Matchmaking allows you to create custom surveys which allow candidates and employers to get a list of AI generated matches along with match scores. Matches are always updating to keep new connections flowing!

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Countless Ways to Engage Candidates and Promote Sponsors and Exhibitors

Turn boring and quiet career fairs into interactive and engaging ones! Gamification, prizes, and leader boards encourage candidates to explore and network more both physically and virtually.

PheedLoop boasts over 20 unique options to promote your career fair sponsors like custom backgrounds for streams, selfie photo booths, and splash pages, to logos and banners, push notifications, and more!

Simple Management of Designs, Tasks, Leads, and Information for Booths

PheedLoop's career fair features are just the tip of the iceberg, the entire suite of PheedLoop event management tools powers it all! Use exhibit management tools to create floor plans, sell booths, and manage tasks.

Create a customizable registration system for attendees and offer a slick mobile app career fair experience. Unlimited live video meetings for virtual events, and badge printing + check-in for in-person events!

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