Turn Boring Annual General Meetings into Interactive and Modern Experiences with Lasting Connections

Manage Voting, CE Tracking, On-Site Attendance, and Virtual Streaming All At Once

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Full Support for Physical, Virtual, and Annual General Meetings

We're living through an era of change for events, and PheedLoop helps your AGMs keep up. Whether your members are attending in-person, virtually, or both, ensuring a synchronized and collaborative experience is critical.

Track attendance by scanning badges on-site or using check-in surveys virtually. Use SmartSight to track duration of session attendance down to the second. Track votes and run polls, export CE certificates, and more!

CE Credit and Attendance Tracking with Perfect Precision On-Site or Virtual

Annual general meetings need precision at every turn, and tracking attendance is a core requirement. PheedLoop's built-in badge tools print QR codes, and the mobile event app allows you to track attendance, assign credits, and manage access seamlessly - all with dedicated virtual analogues.

Export certificates of attendance, run manual check-ins, and manage attendees on the fly!

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Easy Access Restrictions to Sessions Physically and Virtually

Annual general meetings traditionally need more curated experiences for attendees than normal events. A simple example? Restricting access to certain sessions only to voting members.

PheedLoop is designed to restrict access to sessions or events automatically based on ticket ownership, custom tags, or both. Access restrictions can be imposed both on-site and virtually!

Voting and Live Polls Simplified, Real-Time, Custom and Secure

The most common need for any annual general meetings is voting. PheedLoop has several options that make voting incredibly easy, bundled with the ability to restrict access to polls and limit votes.

Use PheedLoop's built-in voting and polling tools or integrate platforms like Slido with ease. Using the virtual portal? Build your own custom single-sign-on link for attendees to connect to your preferred secure polling platform.

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