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All-In-One Event Management System

Stop wasting time and money on fragmented event software solutions. PheedLoop combines your event's app, registration, website, badges and so much more in one interface. Built with love and snow in Canada.

Starts at $99/mo!

Finally, event software built and priced for a new decade

Unlimited Events Per Year - One Price!

Full Access - Every Tier Gives You Access to Every Module!

Super Affordable - Multiple Tiers Mean You Pay for What You Need!

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Virtual & Hybrid Events Ready

From streaming and real-time video networking to gamification and exhibit booths, PheedLoop's virtual events system can bring the on-site event experience to the virtual world.


Registration, Ticketing & Website

Bring your own registration tool or use our highly customizable registration system, coupled with embeddable website widgets, payment processing and more.


Mobile and Web Event App

iOS, Android and web ready mobile event application allows you to run everything from live polls and games, to scanning badges, push notifications, floor plans, and meeting booking.


Speaker, Exhibitor, Sponsor Support

A huge part of PheedLoop is advanced event management. Call for abstracts, booth selection, contracts and billing, and private stakeholder portals are just the start.


Fast & Simple Event Badges

No more importing and exporting

Working with third parties for badge printing leads to big challenges. Sharing crucial attendee data with another entity raises serious risks while a cycle of exporting and previewing inevitably occurs. Combine your registration and badge systems for a faster, simpler event setup.

Your on-brand badges that work

PheedLoop makes badge management super simple with its default templates or create something to your own specifications.

Use customizable designs to reflect your brand including logos, graphics and colours.


Call For Proposals

Accept session proposals, create review panels, and even specify areas of expertise to reviewers.

Each reviewer automatically gets access to their personal reviewer portal, where they can start grading proposals based on your criteria!

Accept submissions from potential speakers

Collaborate with reviewers to score proposals

Easily accept and post a speaker's session


Your All-In-One Event Management System


PheedLoop Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms are supported?

PheedLoop's event app operates uniformly across all web browsers (desktop or mobile), and any Android/iOS compatible device.

How long is my app live?

The default is one year after your event, then attendees will not be able to find your event in the app. You can remove it at any time yourself, or request an extension.

How long does the app take to go live?

Your event application is ready to go instantly, there is no delay at all. The goal is to create event app engagement months, not days, before your event.

How can I promote sponsors?

There are at least a dozen high visibility opportunities to promote your sponsors, and our team will help you set them all up. Selling ad space in your app is a great idea.

Are there any additional costs?

None at all. PheedLoop does not sell add-ons, for one price you get everything PheedLoop has to offer. Most companies charge more than PheedLoop just for an event app.

What kind of networking features are there?

PheedLoop's event app allows attendees to chat privately, join public discussions, book meetings, and scan badges of fellow attendees to connect and network.

Can I take notes in the app?

You bet! Notes can be taken at any time on an attendee's personal notepad, and they can be shared or exported to PDF at any time.

Are there any analytics?

Yes! Track, in real-time, engagement and download statistics to optimize your app. And we're always adding new ways for you to measure app performance.

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